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Kanyona na reka Negovanka   (Unique identification code in the register: 394)

Category: Natural Monument


Map of the object
Digital boundaries - WGS 84, UTM 35N (shp)

Digital boundaries are with the current status

Area: 25.5 hectares

1. District: Veliko Tarnovo, Municipality: Pavlikeni, Locality: Mihaltsi
2. District: Veliko Tarnovo, Municipality: Veliko Tarnovo, Locality: Emen

Falls in the territory of the following Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water (RIEW):
Veliko Tarnovo - ul."N.Gabrovski" 68

Falls in the territory of the following Regional Forestry Directorates (RFD):
RFD Veliko Tarnovo: SHE Bolyarka

Ordinance for announcement:
Ordinance No.880 from 25.11.1980 880-1980

Aims of the declaration:
1. Cave and Gorge of Negovanka river

Current prohibitions and regimes:
1. It is prohibited to carry out any activities, which damage the stalks, to prune, break the branches, and other activities, which might damage the trees.
2. It is prohibited to drive or park motor vehicles.
3. It is prohibited to graze domestic animals.
4. It is prohibited to carry out construction activities of any type, except in the cases, when this was planned in the initial lay-out of the natural reserve.
5. It is prohibited to lumber.

Overlapping (partial or full):
Natural Monument: Vodopad Momin Skok

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