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Blatoto Alepu   (Unique identification code in the register: 596)

Category: Protected Site


Map of the object
Digital boundaries - WGS 84, UTM 35N (shp)

Digital boundaries are with the current status

Area: 176.63 hectares

District: Burgas, Municipality: Sozopol, Locality: Sozopol

Falls in the territory of the following Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water (RIEW):
Burgas - ul."Perustica" 67,et.3,p.k.219

Ordinance for announcement:
Ordinance No.709 from 22.07.1986 709-1986

Ordinance for change:

1. Change in the area - actualisation with Ordinance No.236 from 26.04.2018 236-2018
2. Re-categorization with Ordinance No.474 from 30.07.2018 474-2018

International status:
Ramsar Convention

Aims of the declaration:
1. Conservation of the natural habitats of protected and rare waterfowl birds and the only deposit of devil walnut in the Black Sea coast

Current prohibitions and regimes:
1. It is prohibited to build and conduct any other activities, which alter the natural landscape of the region or its water patterns.
2. It is prohibited to destroy the swamp vegetation and to collect the fruits of the water caltrop.
3. It is prohibited to start fires, incinerate the reeds, and any other vegetation.
4. It is prohibited to bring in and breed species of vertebrates without permission from the Committee on Environmental Protection and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
5. It is prohibited to kill, catch or disturb the birds, to destroy their nests and collect their eggs;
6. It is prohibited to hunt and to fish;
7. It is prohibited to contaminate the waters.
8. It is allowed to graze domestic animals outside the birds' breeding period (April 1 - July 30)
9. It is allowed to make hay and to use the arable lands in traditional ways.

Overlapping (partial or full):
PZ under the Bird Directive: Kompleks Ropotamo

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