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Kolokita   (Unique identification code in the register: 7)

Category: Protected Site


Map of the object
Digital boundaries - WGS 84, UTM 35N (shp)

Digital boundaries are with the current status

Area: 65.0 hectares

District: Burgas, Municipality: Sozopol, Locality: Sozopol

Falls in the territory of the following Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water (RIEW):
Burgas - ul."Perustica" 67,et.3,p.k.219

Falls in the territory of the following Regional Forestry Directorates (RFD):
Municipality: null

Ordinance for announcement:
Ordinance No.1754 from 16.06.1970 1754-1970

Ordinance for change:

1. Accepting the management plan with Ordinance No.РД-477 from 11.07.2001 477-2001
2. Accepting the management plan with Ordinance No.РД-727 from 25.09.2013 727-2013
3. Ordinance No.РД-263 from 11.05.2018 263-2018

Management plan for protected area (link):

Aims of the declaration:
1. Protection of fjords and rock formations

Current prohibitions and regimes:
1. It is prohibited to lumber, break, uproot, peel entire trees or parts of them, uproot and tear the flowers, engrave signatures, fell, paint, drive nails in, as well as any other activities, which lead to damaging or destroying the vegetation.
2. It is prohibited to graze livestock of any type at any time.
3. It is prohibited to start fires except in the designated areas.
4. It is prohibited to chase, hunt, and kill any kinds of animals.
5. It is prohibited to hunt and to shoot with firearms, etc.;
6. It is prohibited to damage or destroy by breaking, digging, scribbling on the rocks or the rock formations within the boundaries of the protected area.;
7. It is prohibited for motor vehicles to enter the pedestrian areas and to build new roads for transportation means.
8. It is prohibited to dig and extract sang, clay, and to remove the sand cover, to drill stones, throw slag and other industrial waste, as well as any other activities, which disturb the natural environment around the protected site.

Overlapping (partial or full):
PZ under the Bird Directive: Bakarlaka

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