Register of protected areas in Bulgaria

This website is an electronic register of protected areas declared under the Protected Areas Act, and of protected zones, part of the European NATURA 2000 network, nominated under the Biological Diversity Act. It provides the ability to search by various criteria and display information about them.

The register contains up-to-date data on the characteristics of all officially declared by the Minister of Environment and Water protected areas and protected zones. These data include: a unique identification code; name; category; actual area (in hectares); location, municipalities, districts; Regional Forestry Directorate (State Forestry Enterprise and State Hunting Enterprise); Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water (RIEW), in which it falls; № and date of the ordinance for announcement and change; № and date of the Official Gazette, current prohibitions and regimes; aim and object of the declaration; overlapping with other protected sites, site map, photos of some sites.

I. List of protected areas and protected zones
Presents all the current protected areas and protected zones in Bulgaria.

II. Simple search for protected areas and protected zones
Displays in the intermediate search result protected areas and protected zones, which contain the entered text in their data, visualized in the intermediate results.

1) For all types of search intermediate results are presented first with the following data: Name of territory, Category, Location and Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water, responsible for it.
2) The intermediate result includes first the protected areas, followed by the protected zones.
3) The name of the territory is a link to a page with full information about it.

The English version of the Register has been elaborated with support through the EU-funded Twinning Light Project BG/2007/IB/EN/01/UE/TWL “Preparing to implement the environment-related themes of Directive 2007/2/EC “INSPIRE” with focus on Annex I.9 “Protected Areas”, in co-operation with the Environment Agency Austria

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Last update of the web application: 01.08.2015
The data in the registry are updated regularly.


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